Sheriff’s Sale

Sheriff's Notice: Mortgage Foreclosure Sales

Lt. Paul Weisser, acting on behalf of William Redman, Sheriff of St. Joseph county, hereby notifies each and every actual and prospective bidder at this sale that Sheriff William Redman and the department makes no warranties, representations or guarantees whatsoever concerning the location, address, condition, legal description, value, occupancy, title, liens, encumbrances, and/or encroachments with respect to any property being sold at this sale.

Each and every property sold at this sale is being sold as is where is. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify and confirm the legal description and common address for each property sold. All such information is provided by the foreclosure party and it’s legal counsel. Sheriff Redman and the department have no responsibility, obligation or liability for that information.

All real estate taxes must be paid before a deed is issued by the sheriff.

The purchase price for any property sold at this sale must be paid in full no later than 3:00 P.M. The date of the sale. A certified check is the only acceptable means of payment.

If a purchaser defaults on the property bid he will be subject to IC code 32-29-7-9.

Please make your bid slow and audible.

Please do not approach any attorneys until after the sale!

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