Mission, Vision & Values

We recognize the members of the Saint Joseph County Police Department as our most valuable resource. We will promote a style of leadership that encourages participation in policy setting and decision making. As leaders in the community, we will work diligently to develop trust and form a partnership with the citizens of St. Joseph County to create a safer community.

Mission Statement

To provide our community with quality police and public services and impartial enforcement of the law, while treating all people with fairness and respect.

Vision Statement

Through continuous personal and professional development, we will strive to achieve and maintain the highest standards in all aspects of professional law enforcement service.


We will show fairness and empathy to all people while being considerate of their rights and beliefs.


We will be faithful to ourselves, our families, one another, and to the ideals and goals of the organization as we serve the community,


Through our personal appearance and demeanor we will display dignity, confidence, and satisfaction with this profession, organization and service to the community.


We will live our personal and professional lives with honor, sincerity and truthfulness.


We will in both personal and professional situations support our own convictions and the ideals of the Saint Joseph County Police Department.


We will commit ourselves to the accomplishment of our mission and work towards the improvement of the organization and its members.