Jail Visitation Policy

The following conduct shall be enforced during all Internet Visitation. All nonprofessional visitations are monitored and recorded for the duration of the scheduled timeframe. Should any of the following occur during the visitation immediate termination of the visit will occur without a refund with no exceptions. The visitor shall be removed from the approved visitation list for any of the following.

  • Any activity that may be perceived as unlawful or communication intending to commit an illegal act.
  • Any gang related conduct or the display of images or gestures.
  • Any Drug usage or display.
  • Any attempt to record audio or visual of the visit and/or 3rd party communication including social media.
  • Any pornographic related images, and\or display of nudity or sexual acts.
  • All Visitors must adhere to the St. Joseph County visitation dress code during the visitation. Failure to do so will result in loss of visitation.
  • Any removal of clothing displaying undergarments, breasts, buttocks, or genitalia.
  • Any display or use of cellular device, or telephone.
  • Any communicated threat or form of harassment to Visitor, Inmates, or Staff
  • All children must be in the presence of a parent or guardian who confirmed the visit.
  • At no time will multiple inmates be permitted to visit. If multiple inmates are observed on the terminal in the unit loss of visitation will occur.
  • Any violation of St. Joseph County jail inmate conduct listed in the inmate handbook.
  • A visitor is only permitted to visit with the inmate listed on the scheduled visitation. Any visitor who schedules a visit and visits with another inmate not listed on the scheduled visitation will have all visitation privileges, removed permanently.
  • The individual scheduling the visit must be present for the visitation.