Chief Todd Shepherd

I was hired by New Carlisle Marshals Department April of 1994 and sent to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy January of 2004 graduating class 95-120. While with the New Carlisle Marshals Department for 10 years I became a Generalist Instructor with the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as well as a Firearms Instructor ending my last 3 years as Assistant Chief. January 2004 to June 2005 employed by the St. Joseph County Jail working in Transportation Division. January 2005 I transferred to the Corrections Division in the Jail and was promoted to Sergeant on second detail shift and worked as a supervisor until June 2005 and was promoted to Patrolman with the Road Division with the St. Joseph County Police. I worked the Road Patrol as a Corporal and became a Field Training Officer. I was transferred to the Transportation / Courthouse Division in March 2010 as a Lieutenant, May of 2015 I was then transferred to the St. Joseph County Courthouse Division as a Lieutenant. January of 2019 to present I was transferred to the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Administration as Chief overseeing the Road Patrol, Detective Bureau, Warrants and Civil Divisions , as well as the Tasks Force Units with the FBI, DEA, ATF, and U.S. Marshals.